About the Company

DHTstudios LLC is a videogame developing company. We design videogames with unique and fun gameplay concepts.

A Family Learning Experience

It all began as a family project to teach us how to code during summer break in  2014.  We decided to make a video game, since that would be the most fun.  Having already used Gamemaker Studio for some small school projects, we decided to use that to develop our game.
First we had to create the concept of the game.  We wanted something that was fun to play but also unique—different than all the typical puzzle or RPG games made by other game developers. We brainstormed and came up with the idea for Skyraine, a unique combination of a missile defender/platform type game.  Skyraine demands fast reflexes to accurately shoot the enemies, but also requires an element of strategy for building up your base to prepare for waves of attacks.  After developing the concept of the game, we had to think about what kind of enemies we wanted for the game. We decided to create living mechanical beasts of destruction. 
Now that we had the concept, it was time to divide up the work of actually making the game.  First we designed and animated the characters, creating what they would look like. Then we had to code the characters to do what we wanted them to do, such as how to aim and fire the turret, or move up and down ladders. Our whole family would sit down together and get to work. We had 3 computers, each one with a designated function. One designed the artwork and wrote descriptions on how each creature would work and what it would do. Another computer had the actual development software one it and would code in the objects and put the game together. The 3rd computer was used for testing the game, checking for bugs, and figuring out how to make the game better.
Once the fundamentals were finished, we had a solid game, but it wasn't quite finished yet. The main thing it was missing was audio. We had some sound effects but there was no music. We searched for websites that had free video game music and came across a soundtrack designer named Deceased Superior Technician who has developed thousands of awesome game soundtracks, all of them absolutely free. We spent hours going through each song one by one until we found the right ones to put into our game.
After we finished the game and started playing it, we realized that it was not only a great learning experience, but that Skyraine was so much fun, we wanted to play it all the time.  Earlier this year, when our family was flying to Washington  DC, we brought our laptop and played Skyraine in the airport every chance we got.  For one of the flights, the pilot must have been watching us in the terminal, because as soon as the plane took off, the Southwest pilot announced over the plane’s speakers that he noticed a family playing a video game together in the terminal.  “It’s rare to see a family having that much fun together, so I want to offer them free beverages for this flight.”  Of course, we enjoyed those free beverages while playing Skyraine the entire flight.
Skyraine was a great learning experience for our family. It was a lot of work and took a lot of time, but it was worth it. While teaching us how to code, we also became closer together as a family.  We wanted other people to enjoy it too, so that’s why we formed DHTstudios LLC and put Skyraine out for people to play.  We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.  And keep an eye out for our next family video game project which we’ve already started working on…